What are Halftones? CMYK?

Halftones and CMYK prints are made up of tiny dots as opposed to Line Art prints which uses Spot Colours (solid colour).

Halftones are used to produce “fine” shading and blends on your tees and are usually just one colour. They can also be used to great effect in reproducing black & white photos on garments.

CMYK on the other hand is for producing full colour images (photos etc) on garments. The full colour effect is achieved by combining the C=Cyan (Blue) M=Magenta (Red) Y=Yellow and K=Black dots. This is the same technique used by magazines and newspapers reproduce photos (check it out with a magnifying glass!).

CMYK can get a bit technical, as it requires special software rips, screens and film settings which if not set up right, can give a mediocre print. CMYK is also time-consuming to set up on the printing machinery, as very tight registration and balancing of the inks are important and there are no shortcuts. A white base on is also needed on dark tees, as the inks are transparent, so the base becomes invisible once printed. This method is recommended for larger runs.

Both methods have their uses, and here at Screen Art ScreenPrinting we have aa lot of experience in achieving spectacular results. Our award from Pride in Print was for reproducing a drawing by Simon Morse in full colour using CMYK.

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