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Do you print one-offs?

Yes, we can – but there is a price!

All jobs require a set up fee for Film and Screens, e.g. one colour Film + Screen = $50. There is also a minimum print fee of $45.00. So a one colour, one-off printed tee could cost $95.00 excluding the shirt and GST.

Can I supply my own shirts?

Yes, we do lots of work on client-supplied garments.

What is the minimum run you can print?

The straight answer is there is no minimum, see above “Do you print one-offs?”

What colours can I choose?

We use the Pantone Matching System (PMS) to match the colours you want. You can also supply your own swatch that we will endeavour to match.

For more information about which colours you can choose, please see our Technical FAQ’s.

What are Spot Colours?

A Spot Colour is any (solid) colour generated by an ink (pure or mixed) that is printed using a single run. All Line Art is printed using Spot Colours. Each Spot Colour on a screen printed tee has to have it’s own Film Positive and Screen. We can screenprint up to 8 individual Spot Colours.

What are Halftones? CMYK?

Halftones and CMYK prints are made up of tiny dots as opposed to Line Art prints which uses Spot Colours (solid colour).

Halftones are used to produce “fine” shading and blends on your tees and are usually just one colour. They can also be used to great effect in reproducing black & white photos on garments.

CMYK on the other hand is for producing full colour images (photos etc) on garments. The full colour effect is achieved by combining the C=Cyan (Blue) M=Magenta (Red) Y=Yellow and K=Black dots. This is the same technique used by magazines and newspapers reproduce photos (check it out with a magnifying glass!).

CMYK can get a bit technical, as it requires special software rips, screens and film settings which if not set up right, can give a mediocre print. CMYK is also time-consuming to set up on the printing machinery, as very tight registration and balancing of the inks are important and there are no shortcuts. A white base on is also needed on dark tees, as the inks are transparent, so the base becomes invisible once printed. This method is recommended for larger runs.

Both methods have their uses, and here at Screen Art ScreenPrinting we have aa lot of experience in achieving spectacular results. Our award from Pride in Print was for reproducing a drawing by Simon Morse in full colour using CMYK.

How long will my job take to run?

We work to get the job to you whenever you specify.

Having said that our current turnaround time is 7 to 10 working days from receiving the art, and acceptance of quote with the deposit. Also, if you are supplying the garments to be printed on then obviously they need to be in our hands before starting!

How do I get a quote?

Contact us by phone, fax, or e-mail with as many details as you can about the job and when you need delivery, or drop in to see us. You may also use this form to get a quote.

Once the quote is accepted by you, just e-mail the go ahead, place your deposit and we will get started!

Do I have to come in to place my order?

Not necessarily… we deal with many customers outside of New Plymouth with no problems. These days, the Internet and courier systems etc means we can take orders and supply proofs without even meeting you!

Can I see a proof?

We e-mail all our customers a print proof before we print.

Do you require a deposit?

As almost all our products are made to order we require 50% deposit (payable by Cash, Cheque or
Direct Credit) before a print proof is e-mailed to you. The following 50% is required on your approval of the proof.

Alternatively we also allow payment on pick up, if we have arranged this beforehand. Contact us to make a prior arrangement if you would like this option. Additionally, for registered companies we have a 7 Day Invoicing and 20th Month following accounts.

How do I pay?

We accept payment by Internet Banking Direct Debit, Cash or Cheque.

How do I get delivery?

We can courier to you anywhere in New Zealand by PBT Couriers, usually next day delivery.

Note: there will be additional charges (approx $5.00 within Taranaki & $15 per carton outside Taranaki).

For delivery to the South Island please contact us.

You can also pick up your items personally from Screen Art ScreenPrinting New Plymouth, at 10 Water Lane, New Plymouth, Taranaki.

I have paid for the screens, do I own them?

No, you have paid for the use of the screens only. When your job is complete the screens are reclaimed and reused for other printing jobs.

I may re-run the job in the future, can you hold the screens for me?

Yes we can, however a date must be placed on them. We cannot hold your screens indefinitely due to space restraints. Contact us to negotiate how long you would like us to hold your screens, subject to a maximum period of between 1 to 3 months.