Art & Design

We have our own in-house Art Department, employing a specialist Graphics Designer who can assist you with your design or design it completely for you.

We create film positives which we then expose onto the screens. All this is done in-house. Once you have created a design with us we will always have this available for you to use, so once you have had something printed with us, there are no further Design or Film positive costs for reprints.

If you already have your design, you can e-mail it to us and we will produce the film positives from that. Your design may need reworking for the screen printing process to achieve the best results. This will incur a cost – see ART RATE below.


The types of files we can process are .jpg .eps .psd .ai .cdr .pdf.

Accepted file types .jpg .eps .psd .ai .cdr .pdf

The resolution of .jpg and .psd files will affect the final screen printing quality, the better the resolution, the better the print! (300dpi or higher is recommended.)

All fonts are converted to curves, outlines or paths depending on what program you are using.


We use the Pantone Matching System (PMS) – please note that colours on computer monitors are not always accurate to match to.

pantone matching system colour fan


We can scan from hard copies although this will usually require artwork cleaning or redrawing.

ART RATE PER HOUR: $70 per hour + gst


From experience we have found that the creation of a PDF proof e-mailed to you before starting your print run is the safest way of communicating your specifications between you and Screen Art Screen Printers. It ensures that all parties visually understand the work to be undertaken.

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